Like all the students doing the Leaving Cert. I was very nervous.

I didn’t know if I was good at studying, what my grades would be like and if I could get the grades that I badly wanted. I found the idea of an exam lasting for over three hours seriously daunting! Would I have enough time to write all that I wanted to say; forget writing, would I have enough time to think or plan anything?

Thankfully some my questions were answered when I did my mock exams. My good grades gave me the reassurance that my study technique was working and proving successful. The mock exams also gave me great confidence because I was given the chance to experience the exams; the layout, the timing and the language of the papers.

The mock exams also provided me with some feedback about my performance in a similar Leaving Cert. exam situation. From the mock exams I could see if I was doing well at higher level or if a change to ordinary level would suit me more. I could see what subjects I was doing well in (which was encouraging) and which subjects could use a bit more work (motivating me to try harder). The feedback the mock exams gave me added to my reassurance that my adopted study techniques were working.

All the reassurance and feedback that the mock exams gave me proved more helpful than I ever imagined, just doing the mock exams boosted my confidence for the Leaving Cert. and I began to look forward to what was in the future. The mock exams were one of the many very important experiences  which prepared me for my life changing exam. I am now in my second year studying Law at university and I could not be happier.

Kim Jordan, 2nd Year Law Student at NUI Maynooth.

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