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Frequently Asked Questions

An information pack will be sent to all schools in late November and will contain order forms.

Sample papers can also be viewed online at To get online access, please return the application form sent to all schools in October. Once received, your account will be upgraded and you will have access to all examination papers online in early December.

Examination papers should be ordered three weeks prior to the examination start date. This allows enough time for us to dispatch the order and allows enough time for you to check the order and organise the individual examination centres with the correct papers.

As the Irish-language versions of the examination papers are printed to order only, we must receive your order before the Christmas holidays begin.

Examination papers can be ordered:
  1. Online at (free postage for online orders over €10).
  2. By completing an order form and posting or faxing to Examcraft.
  3. Over the phone: 01 808 1494.

Only teachers registered with a school can order mock examination papers. Papers will only be delivered to the school address.

Orders are generally dispatched within 7-10 working days of receiving the order. However, we take note of the examination start date and will ensure all schools receive their examination papers well in advance of this start date. All orders received before Christmas will be dispatched in the second week after Christmas. Orders are delivered by courier. We can track the location of all boxes dispatched from Examcraft on our systems.

An invoice will be sent to the school, or payment can be made online. Cheques, credit/debit card, laser card, and bank drafts will be accepted.

Postage on paper orders is calculated at 3% and corrections at 4% of the total order. Postage will not exceed €50 on any paper order. Free delivery applies to online paper orders over the value of €10.

Correction envelopes will be sent out with your paper order. If you wish to have your students’ scripts corrected, please place the scripts into the envelope by subject. Place the envelope in another heavy-duty envelope or box and post to our address. Please ensure that all details on the correction envelopes are complete and accurate. If details are omitted, it may lead to a delay in returning your scripts. Do not put money/cheques into correction envelopes. Payment should always be sent in a separate envelope with the school details enclosed.

Examination scripts are generally corrected within three weeks. Last year, examination scripts took an average of just 17 days to be corrected. All correction envelopes have a unique seven-digit barcode. All barcodes should be recorded and kept for reference. All envelopes can be tracked online at

Irish and all European languages consist of an aural (listening) element. This means you must order the CDs for these subjects, ideally one for each examination centre. We provide the aural and the written exam separately, which allows teachers to carry out the aural exam in their classrooms if they wish.

Examcraft’s sample papers are sent in early December. The sample papers are inspection copies of the actual paper, i.e. they are the papers which your students will sit at mock examination time.

Teacher copies of papers and marking schemes are provided free of charge with each order. Generally, one free copy is given with every twenty copies ordered.

We provide high-quality marking schemes for all subjects, similar in standard, layout, and style to the SEC marking schemes.

Once the examinations are completed, it is important to dispatch scripts for correction as soon as possible to ensure we can return them on time. All correction envelopes should be packed into boxes and forwarded on to Examcraft via courier. It is advisable that you use a reputable courier where you can track the location of the boxes at any time.

Order online at and receive free postage on orders over €10.

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